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Digital Menu Boards

Digital signage screens provide a dynamic way to display and promote menu items. Within just a few years, every major quick serve restaurant has adopted digital menu boards.


We construct a customised package, establish menu board placement, and can design and create your content.

Hardware & Software

We provide commercial grade digital signage hardware and software for professional, long term solutions.


We can supply installation services and electrical / data connection services from certified electricians.


We can manage your menu boards for you, or if you manage them, we can provide full support services.

The Biggest mistake people make is
using Consumer TVs as digital menu boards

  Consumer TVs   Commercial display screens  
Maximum recommended usage 5-6 hours a day 16-24 hours a day
Warranty 1 year  (void if installed in a commercial property) 3 years
Brightness 250 - 350 nits 400 - 4000 nits
Mounting orientation Landscape only Landscape or Portrait
Minimum lifespan 20,000 hours 50,000 hours
Protection against image burn No Yes
Protection against dust and moisture No Yes

Restaurants are not fitted out with consumer appliances

Appliance Solution
Fridge / Freezer Commercial Grade
Gas cooker Commercial Grade
Deep fryer Commercial Grade
Extraction hood Commercial Grade
Dishwasher Commercial Grade
Coffee machine Commercial Grade
Digital menu boards Consumer TVs ?

Ironically, one of the first things customers look at when entering a restaurant, is the menu boards.

Don't make the mistake of buying consumer TVs. Talk to us about our commercial grade display screens.

Digital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards

Now is the time to go digital

Our Digital Menu Board solutions will not only display your menu items and pricing, but also create an opportunity to display promotions and special offers dynamically.

We have packages available for small owner/operator businesses to large/enterprise level deployments. If you have special requirements for your menu boards, we can customise a solution to fit.

Some of our recent customers

  • Caltex Fix
  • Boost Juice
  • Dunkin
  • Jesters
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Loco Bros
  • Katsubi
  • Fatimas
  • Meet Fresh
  • Jo Bros

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital menu boards are electronic screens which display menu items and promotions to the customer. The content can be controlled in a variety of ways - generally by a USB thumb drive or via the internet/cloud-based software. Features in our cloud-based software can allow the user to easily update menu items and pricing, schedule menus and promotions to begin and end at selected times, and to monitor screens remotely to ensure that they are functioning correctly.
As well as digital menu boards, we also provide digital promotion screens. These screens can be used to simply display a rotation of specials and promotions to customers. Promotion screens provide an effective way of marketing specific products and research shows that they can provide a significant increase in sales for those products. Promotion screens can be included in multiscreen menu board packages.
Digital menu boards are becoming standard. Although static menu boards work fine there are disadvantages when it comes to making changes to menu items or pricing. This often involves reprinting or covering up existing text, which often looks unprofessional. Digital menu boards provide long term cost savings, quick and easy amendments to the menu, monitoring of what's being displayed, a professional and dynamic appearance, and provide consistency when deployed at multiple locations. This provides for a more effective and efficient solution. Digital menu boards also offer the opportunity to include movement and animations to attract attention to specific items.
There are a number of factors involved when determining pricing for digital menu boards. Because customer's requirements are so varied, we customise packages to suit. We provide elements within each package to ensure that our solutions are suitable, work well for the customer, and fit within their budget. Feel free to contact us for a quote.
As much information as possible. This way we can provide you with the most suitable solution and the most accurate pricing. Here are just some basic points to start with :
  • What size screens will fit your location ?
  • How many screens do you require ?
  • What timeframe or deadline do you need them by ?
  • How often will you need to change the content ?
  • Do you have a budget in mind ?